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Simple tiebacks instructions: Basic Tiebacks

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  • Simple tiebacks instructions: Basic Tiebacks

    This is a simple tieback which can be trimmed or piped on the lower edge. It is best made with light or medium weight fabric and your machine needs to be able to sew through several layers of fabric and the stiffening to complete the topstitching.

    For the method to work, the tieback must have one straight edge. The buckram should be single sided iron-on.

    When placing the buckram on the fabric, consider pattern placement including keeping any stripes straight. Also remember to make a right and left-hand tieback if the pattern dictates they are different.

    This is the tieback shape I use. In this case the straight edge is 60cm long (to make a tieback for a curtain using 2 widths of fabric)


    The first step is to place the buckram on the fabric making best use of any pattern, adhesive side on to the back of the fabric. You will need enough fabric on the straight edged side to fold over and cover the back of the tieback. Press carefully to set the adhesive; this will be the right side of the completed tieback.


    Next trim the fabric on the curved edge to within 2cm of the buckram. Then carefully press the allowance on the curved edge onto the buckram. Make sure you keep to the curve accurately.


    Then press the ends in a similar fashion.


    The next step is to fold the fabric along the straight edge to cover the back of the tieback.


    Trim the fabric to within 2cm of the curved edge. Then with the wrong side of the tieback face up, carefully turn and press a hem on the fabric to the curve making the fabric 1-2mm smaller than the buckram shape.


    In this instance I made narrow fabric loops to hold the tieback in place. I made their finished width 1 square of the gingham fabric – about 6mm wide. For all 4 loops I made a strip 50cm long and cut it into 4 equal pieces. You may prefer to hand-stitch rings in place instead once the tieback is complete.

    To finish the tieback, tuck a loop in the centre of each end and topstitch all round it around 2-3mm from the edge, making sure you catch the back fabric in the row of stitching.



    Instructions kindly written and donated by a forum member - If you have any instructions you can offer, please contact one of the Admins.

    [attachment=0:2h3vdb3g]Making simple tiebacks.pdf[/attachment:2h3vdb3g]
    MyDecozo Admin