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Shaped Banding / Piping Appliqué (pdf file)

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  • Shaped Banding / Piping Appliqué (pdf file)

    [center:3p5otnix]Shaped Banding Using Freezer Paper Appliqué
    by Leslie Fehling[/center:3p5otnix]

    [right:3p5otnix][attachment=0:3p5otnix]Freezer paper applique.pdf[/attachment:3p5otnix][/right:3p5otnix]

    When I have a job that requires shaped banding, either inset from the edge or applied along the edge, I like to use a technique called “Freezer Paper Appliqué” to get perfectly smooth curves and super sharp corners and points. It utilizes a plastic coated paper, Reynolds Freezer Paper that is made for wrapping food items for freezing, and is sold in grocery stores in the U.S. alongside the wax paper and plastic wrap.


    1- Draw the pattern for the appliquéd banding. Do not add seam allowances to the pattern. Make it the exact finished size. Draw at least one repeat of the pattern. Use any paper you like (pattern paper, tracing paper, etc.)

    2- Trace the appliqué pattern onto the dull side of the freezer paper. This drawing must be full sized, with all repeats, returns, etc., exactly as your finished banding will be.

    3- Cut out the drawn shapes on the traced lines.

    4- Iron the patterns, shiny side down, to the wrong side of the banding fabric with a dry iron. Cut the shapes from the fabric, adding a 3/16” seam allowance to all edges. (If one of the edges will be in a seam, rather than just turned under, allow a larger ½” seam allowance.)

    5- Remove paper template from the fabric. Turn the template shiny side up and place on the wrong side of the appliqué shape. Pin in a few places to keep the template in the proper position.

    6- You’ll now use the tip of a hot dry iron to push the seam allowance over the edge of the freezer paper. The fabric will adhere to the freezer paper.

    Beginning at an outer point of an appliqué shape, first fold the fabric straight over the point and press to the paper. Then press the two adjacent sides over onto the point and use a dab of glue stick to hold in place. Press all the outside points first, to help keep the template in position on the fabric.


    7- Clip inside curves or points in the seam allowance on the appliqué shape. Make your cuts a scant ¼” deep on the curves. For sharp inside points, cut up to the edge of the freezer paper template.


    8- Continue working around the piece, pressing the seam allowance onto the freezer paper.


    9- After all the edges are pressed, the shaped band is ready to be applied to the background fabric. The paper template is usually removed from behind the appliqué, but this is not absolutely necessary, if the item will not ever be dry cleaned or laundered.

    Options for applying the shaped band or appliqué:


    Apply ¼” fusible tape (DoFix’s Bortenfix tape) to the seam allowances. Remove the paper template, if desired, and fuse the appliqué to the base fabric. This is the method I usually use for valances, panels, or pillows that won’t be handled much. I would not trust this method for an item that might be subject to any rough handling.



    Double sided tape
    Apply ¼” double sided sticky tape, such as Sealah tape, to the seam allowances. Remove the paper template, if desired, position the appliqué on the base fabric, and press in place.

    Leave the paper in the shape, apply fabric glue (fringe adhesive) to the seam allowances, and position on the base fabric.


    Leave the paper in the shape and stitch the shaped band completely onto the background by hand with matching thread, or by machine, using monofilament thread and a mock hand appliqué stitch on a home sewing machine. Then cut a slit in the foundation fabric behind the appliqué, and remove the template through the opening. You may stitch the opening closed, but it’s not necessary, as it will be covered by lining. Another option is to completely cut out the foundation fabric behind the appliqué.

    At Summerhill Weekend Sewing Retreats, in Prosperity, PA, I teach freezer paper appliqué, as well as other high-end embellishment techniques such as free-motion quilting, trapunto, tucks, fusible appliqué, fabric origami, and more. For a PDF brochure containing full information, email me at [email protected].

    I also send out a monthly “Summerhill Showcase” newsletter that features real-life applications of the techniques I teach in my classes. If you would like to be on my mailing list, just let me know.

    For more information, please contact:
    Leslie Fehling
    Leslie Fehling Designs / Summerhill Weekend Sewing Retreats
    100 Dogwood Lane
    Prosperity, PA 15329
    [email protected]
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    Re: Shaped Banding / Piping Appliqué

    Fabulous instructions, Lesley, thanks!

    But does anyone know where to get DoFix products in this country? I can't find them anywhere.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: Shaped Banding / Piping Appliqué

      I have looked for UK suppliers and never found one - they seem to have a base in Germany...... [urlnew:s8ias7ng][/urlnew:s8ias7ng]

      sigpic Simply Sewing


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        Re: Shaped Banding / Piping Appliqué

        Yes, they are a German company, and I've tried contacting them but never received any response. I find it hard to believe that they don't have a wholesaler here!
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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          Freezer paper appliqué pdf download added

          We've added a pdf download for this post - You will find the download at the top of the instruction page.

          Originally posted by Schuhby
          Evans Texiles sell a 50 metre roll of this type of fusible tape - It's very strong and can be used for numerous applications. I have spoken about this before, but can't remember what it's called... Anyone remember?

          I was wrong about the fusible tape, Evans Textiles do not sell it, it is Price & Co who sell this tape, page 171 and it's called hem tape. I have a roll of this stuff and it is very strong and not to be confused with wonderweb!

          MyDecozo Admin