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  • Curly Pelmet Boards

    If you have unpainted pelmet boards that have started to curl, one way to make them more Serviceable is to pour water onto the inside, concave, face of the board. Make sure it is quite wet and that no water goes onto the back, convex, side. Place the board concave side down on a flat bench on top of a polythene sheet and weight the board down along its centre, bricks are quite good for this. The water in the curved face will expand and the board will flatten out if left overnight without touching it. This will not work on painted boards as the water will not penetrate the surface of the wood.

    When the board is flat screw a few of your L shape mounting brackets onto the back about 1 every metre and allow to dry out completely. The brackets will hold the board straight until you want t use it. These brackets will be repositioned when you mount your board on the wall and the pelmet board will always stay reasonably flat. Always try to fix pelmet boards with brackets that span the whole width of the board with the short leg of the bracket. This will ensure that they are more likely stay flat after fixing.

    Before fixing your pelmet boards always put a straight edge across the grain and see which way the board is likely to curl. You will always detect a little bit of a curve and this is completely normal. Fix the board such that any residual curling will be in an upward direction (concave side to the top). If you fix the board curling down the weight of whatever is fixed to that edge will exacerbate any curling that may occur in the future..................................