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Pelmet making tips (fabric)

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  • Pelmet making tips (fabric)

    Just thought I would post a tip on choosing and using fabric on pelmets.

    If your customer wants a plain light fabric, I would always recommend to the client turning the fabric sideways, as nothing sticks out like a sore thumb, as seams on a light coloured pelmet. I prefer to do this with silk especially, I know it means the slub will be in the wrong direction, but you will not notice the slub as much as the seams, and you will find the silk is much easier to stretch.
    Other advantages you will sell more fabric and you can offer to make the customer some cushions out of the leftovers.
    If you give the customer the option they cannot come back and say they do not like the seams, as they have to me in the past

    One other item, embroidered fabrics, in particular silks, these fabrics are causing me a real headache as the embroidery seems to stitch the wrinkles into the base fabric and there is no way you can pull them out. My advice, tell the customer that the wrinkles cannot be pulled out, or as the manufacturers say they are part of the fabric character
    Regards Dave and Sue

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    Re: Pelmet making tips (fabric)

    Thank you. Tips duly noted!


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      Re: Pelmet making tips (fabric)

      Does anyone else spray the back of an upholstered pelmet (when complete)with a light mist of water? I find that it acts just like 'sizing' watercolour paper, and stretches any little wrinkles out as it dries.