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Magnets for closing leading edges

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  • Magnets for closing leading edges

    Just wanted to share a website where I purchased some very strong magnets. I previously had bought some from a haberdashery shop for holding some dormer rod curtains together as there's no overlap. They were 1 cm dia encased in rectangles of a non-woven material. But today I sewed some really strong ones inside the leading edges of some wave curtains to close the crack of light between them.
    Old issue of customer having an issue with light -bleed where there's no overlaps. The fabric was a modern textured weave that meant I had to obtain some really strong ones. I found 'First4magnets' and chose some round ones 3 mm thick, 15mm dia. with a 1 kg force. 2 packs of 4 in each cost £19. They are recommended for clothing fasteners.. They're encased in white plastic , but to facilitate sewing I put them between squares of lightweight cloth ( like you would do with penny hem weights). Then I positioned them inside the leading edge facing where half was under the lining seam. (this was to conceal the tiny stitches). The force field is such that they snap together when the leading edges are about 4 cm apart.

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    Thanks for the info Caroline.

    Out of interest - are they OK to get apart when you open the curtains or is there a knack???

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      Well this particular curtain pair hung on an Evans DCS wave track have draw rods and the curtains open fine using them. The fabric is Larsen 'Perkins' and it has a woven rib pattern with the ribs being about 2 mm deep. This may in time start to crush and show the area where the magnets are positioned, that's my only worry. The force was enough to hold the magnets in place through 4 thicknesses of this fabric.
      I'll write a post in the lounge area.