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  • Double piping

    I have been experimenting with making double piping and setting it in a seam (rather than using it on a piece of upholstery).

    I started with a wide fabric strip (around 6cm) and stitched in the cord as usual

    [attachment=4:1lk0z3ko]Step 1.jpg[/attachment:1lk0z3ko]

    Then added a second piece of fabric around 4cm wide, sewing it in place over the first row of stitching

    [attachment=3:1lk0z3ko]Step 2.jpg[/attachment:1lk0z3ko]

    Next enclosed the cord in the second fabric strip

    [attachment=2:1lk0z3ko]Step 3.jpg[/attachment:1lk0z3ko]

    Finally stitched the double cord into a seam. I quite like the finished effect.

    [attachment=1:1lk0z3ko]Step 4.jpg[/attachment:1lk0z3ko]

    The finished seam viewed from the back to show the stitching line holding the second piece of fabric in place. I can't think of a way to avoid this - perhaps someone else can?

    [attachment=0:1lk0z3ko]Step 5.jpg[/attachment:1lk0z3ko]

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    Re: Double piping

    Attach the cushion back at the same time as the second piping strip? Then keep it out of the way while you cover the second length of cord and the front. Just typing aloud. Can't get round the corners like that.

    Stitch the back on "in the ditch"? Have to be a central zip or a buttoned cover.

    My first thoughts would work for an edging for a curtain or blind where you'd be using a facing.I think.

    Can't go and play, there's great art all over my worktable as the boy has deadlines.


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      Re: Double piping

      I've done this with a wider cord at the back (up to 12mm), and then a narrower one in front. Make up the two cords separately, then stitch both on at the same time.
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        Re: Double piping

        How simple when you know!