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    I have just been to a local small hotel (were I've done work in the past) to fit a new track into a bay. The room has been converted from a games room to a bedroom and the owner went to a local well-known DIY store and bought a basic coiled track (almost 5m long) and fitted heavy blackout curtains, then wondered why it hasn't lasted more than a couple of weeks.

    I do work with several hotels and so thought I would pass on a few tricks that I've learned over the years to keep the curtains working.

    1. I generally use a metal hand draw track. Customers can/do abuse the curtains and some have never heard of corded tracks! I generally use SG1080 or equivalent. Its plain and blends in very well when there is no valance/pelmet.
    2. I double the number of brackets compared to a domestic fitting. I put 2 brackets right next to each other at the outer end. I have had a 1080 ripped from its brackets when a rather large customer stumbled and grabbed the curtain when falling!
    3. I double up the hooks at each end of the curtain. Two hooks in two adjacent pockets, for the same reason as above.
    4. If I'm making the curtains then I double sew the heading tape at both ends of the curtain, for about 12 inches. Once again the same reason as above.

    Whilst these points will not stop everything, it has certainly stopped a lot of callouts (often at weekends)
    Hope some of you will find some of these things useful.
    John Quine
    Brooke Design
    Fylde Coast

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    Re: Hotel/commercial fitting

    Thank you for those useful tips John.

    Best wishes


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      Re: Hotel/commercial fitting

      It really annoys me to see hooks that have jumped out of the rail hooks so squeeze metal hooks together to reduce the gap in the hook