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Removing impression marks on velvet.

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  • Removing impression marks on velvet.

    I have had a pair of velvet curtains waiting to have the tops finished in my workroom for 5 months.
    The customer wanted to have a shelf put up just under the window sill and it took that long for someone to do it for her.
    The pole was finally put up on saturday and I was able to get the final hook drop. So they were finally finished today, after I discovered that where they had been hung over a metal rail for so long there were impression marks from the rail. The pile had been flattened, it never ocurred to me that this would happen. The way we got them out was to gently steam the pile with another piece of velvet over it. Pile to pile flat on the table. This took forever but the heat has lifted the pile. Thank the lord...
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes

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    Re: Removing impression marks on velvet.

    Oh well done Penny bet you breathed a huge sign of relief!!!
    K W Designs


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      Re: Removing impression marks on velvet.

      Well done Penny! You do have my symapthies, I seem to be working on velvet and silk constantly at the moment and that dreaded feeling when it crushes almost bring you to tears ( or drink lol!) . Its such a relief when they steam out

      Now I have a question relating to velvet ~ black to be precise , how do you stop it picking every speck of dust in the workroom lol I will go to the fitting armed with plenty of sellotape and if nothing else tape my mouth shut to avoid disturbing the clients with my screams of frustration

      Edited post: Sorry Penny I said well done to Kathy instead of you, sorry hun, its been a long day


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        Re: Removing impression marks on velvet.

        I know this one with velvet.

        Despite being a novice, many years ago I made a red velvet cape - scarcely the fabric to start on. One hint that I received - and I think it was from a professional tailoress, was to leave the garment in a steamy bathroom to bring up the nap after crushing the fabric.

        I can give a hint on getting white bits off black velvet as I have this problem in a slightly different fashion all the time. You see, I have six semi-longhaired cats! I find the lint rollers are excellent for getting rid of most stuff that clings and you can get more heavy duty ones from cat shows. I have a friend who supplies some through e-bay but I have not checked her prices against the local dry cleaners and supermarkets.

        Mind you, I have taken the vacuum cleaner to my garments more than once. I invested in a Miele Cat and Dog and it does have some rather novel attachments for removing fluff from upholstery. Oh, and for non-velvet, do not underestimate the damp rubber glove method!