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  • 25 Beautiful homes

    Here is a picture of the lounge that appeared in July 2007 edition of 25 beautiful Homes Fabric by Duresta, Corded portfolio poles by Copes.[attachment=0:1e2jn3or]03.jpg[/attachment:1e2jn3or][attachment=1:1e2jn3or]02.jpg[/attachment:1e2jn3or][attachment=2:1e2jn3or]4.jpg[/attachment:1e2jn3or][attachment=3:1e2jn3or]05.jpg[/attachment:1e2jn3or][attachment=4:1e2jn3or]01.jpg[/attachment:1e2jn3or]

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    Re: 25 Beautiful homes

    OOOOO Ali! Thank you for posting! I will need to get my glasses on as pics can only be little here, but it looks fab. Very restful, airy and spacious. Fame!

    It looks an amazing house Ali, was it a nice place to work on?


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      Re: 25 Beautiful homes

      Hi Jules the house was amazing we are having problems putting up the pictures they are coming out a bit too small i have a lovely one of the little girls room (not featured in magazine ) but i think i will have to speak to philip and see if he can do it 4 me !!!


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        Re: 25 Beautiful homes

        Hi Alic
        These are the pictures I saw in 25BH that my newsagent delivered last week, only 8 months late. They must have lost it and found it again last week.
        Sorry for getting your hopes up.
        Anyway the pictures look beautifull you must be very proud of yourself.
        I bet you were on tender hooks doing the whole job to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

        Well Done
        Kindest Regards


        Denton Drapes


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          Re: 25 Beautiful homes

          Wow, alic, those are amazing photos. Well done you, you have every right to be proud, you have done a superb job!


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            Re: 25 Beautiful homes

            Hi Ali,

            Well done to Philip and you. I can see the pics now.

            You have done a fab job and must be thrilled to bits with the finished result! It would be lovely to see the little girl's room at some time. I'm sure Philip will help!

            Thanks again,


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              Re: 25 Beautiful homes

              They all look lovely Ali but can we perhaps get a bigger photo of the bedroom, those swags & tails look really appealing.
              I am a very symetrical person but love to see asymetrical headings...just never had the nerve to make any


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                Re: 25 Beautiful homes

                Well done the pictures are amazing, I love "25 beautiful homes magazine" and wondered if any of you had any of your work displayed in there. Not only is it the best magazine by far but the rest have that silly plastic bag round them so you cant flick through to see if there are any features in there worthy of my £3.20


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                  Re: 25 Beautiful homes

                  If you subscribe you can have a copy delivered each month by post for £20 a year.. Good saving!

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                  Have you registered your business yet?


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