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  • Arts & Crafts (Mission) Loveseat

    I finished it! I just got done sewing the bolster for the loveseat (don't ask how many times I had to rip out seams and start over! I really developed an appreciation for those of you who really know how to do this stuff. It took me so long to get those corners to sew properly! )
    Also, thanks to those who responded to my cries for help, and thanks to the site proprietor for the very helpful videos about sewing in a bolster zipper. (Some steps were left out of the video, but after numerous viewings I finally figured out how to do it.)

    (The upholstery material, by the way is called Aztec Sage, and I purchased it from Great Southwest Furniture.)

    You can see a slideshow of the main steps of the building and upholstery process HERE.

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    Re: Arts & Crafts (Mission) Loveseat

    Looks great Norm you have done a fab job!! Are you going to start selling them?
    K W Designs


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      Re: Arts & Crafts (Mission) Loveseat

      That is amazing!! Just looked at all the photos....did not realise you had made the whole thing from scratch!!! Beautiful.


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        Re: Arts & Crafts (Mission) Loveseat

        Kathy, thanks. No, not for sale--unless someone offers me an awful lot of money! . Unfortunately, I'm not in the position where sales are rational right now.

        JGM, thanks for looking. Yes, all from scratch. I actually bought the oak in December, 2000, and it's been aging since then.