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  • Triangular panel

    A few months ago I was asked by a firm of architects to make a panel to dim-out the low-slanting sun from a triangular window high up in their office. I now post up the completed thing and must make mention of a couple of points for anyone doing a similar thing.
    The brief was to make it simple to put up and take down as it's intended only for spring/autumn use when the sun's at a certain angle. The client selected a voile and asked for it to be double thick to screen strong sunlight. I kept the bottom edge absolutely on grain and strengthened all corners with fusible stiffening to keep the corners flat and supported, but was surprised at how much the diagonal sides 'stretched'. The sides were double turned hemmed with narrow rods inside to keep the straight line. The intention was to merely hang the panel from a hook and have the bottom hem ( with weight bar inside) sitting on the horizontal beam . The rods at the sides were slid into position after the panel was hung on the hook. There was too much 'ripple' at the sides so I ran 2 more short rods vertically inside 2 channels that I stitched where the ripple was. They touched the diagonal side rods and sat on the beam at the bottom end.It solved the problem up to a point. The main lesson I learnt was that such a panel ought to be made from a non-woven fabric, such as a roller blind one.

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    It looks great Caroline! It obviously threw up considerable difficulties in its construction- thank you for sharing both the problems and your solutions. One never knows when such information might be very useful in the future!

    Best wishes


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      Thanks for taking the time to share Caroline - and for explaining the process and solutions you found......

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