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How to post a picture as an attachment

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  • How to post a picture as an attachment

    Make sure you have the file (photo, scanned picture etc.) you want to attach on your computer as a .jpg file. It is really important to remember you need permission to post pictures belonging to someone else.

    Pictures should be around 400 pixels wide. If you have a picture that is too large, take a look here Resizr for some re-sizing software.

    Start a new topic and type your subject in to the 'Title' area.

    Start typing your new post and when you get to the place you would like your picture to appear, look below the Title area where there are various buttons. If you hover your cursor over the buttons, a label will appear explaining what each one is for. On the second row, to the right hand side of centre there is a small Picture button 'Insert Image'. click on it.

    A box will appear asking you whether to use a picture from your computer or from a URL (web page).

    To use one from your computer, make sure that option is highlighted, then click on the 'Browse' button to select a file on your hard disk. Click on 'Open' and you will be taken back to the message screen. Finally click on 'Upload Files'. A line will appear in the post you are writing something like


    which is the forum code to place the image.

    Finish typing in your message, then go to the bottom of the screen and either 'Preview message' to check how it looks, or 'Submit new thread' to post it on the forum.

    If you want to use an image from a URL the copy it from the website and paste it into the box instead of using the 'From Computer' option. Make sure you have permission from the page's owner before you do this, unless is is a generally public shared page.

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    Re: How to post a picture in a message

    To post a picture you have taken on an iPod or iPad is very simliar.

    Login to the forum and either start a new thread with a Suject, or reply to an existing post.

    In the body of the message, select the Insert Image icon (a single square picture button) and you will be asked where to take the picture from. Choose 'From Computer' and then 'Choose File'. You will be asked whether you want to take a picture, or use an existing one.

    Select 'Choose existing'. You will be taken to a 'Photos' window with different options like Camera Roll, Screensaver etc. Choose the one where the picture you want is stored - probably camera roll.

    Select the picture you want to post. You will go back to the Insert Image screen, select 'Upload File'.

    You will then be taken back to the message you were typing with the right code inserted to add your photo to the message.

    Finish typing your content, then save the post.

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