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A familiar fabric??

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  • A familiar fabric??

    Morning all!

    I have a client who has bought this rug: ... nvt/786974
    and wants a complimentory or similar design which enhances the hues within the rug.

    I have struggled to find a design and can only suggest a contrast top and bottom border to the curtains and roman blinds.

    An suggestions

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    Re: A familiar fabric??

    How retro. What about stripes? In some or the colours.


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      Re: A familiar fabric??

      There are some interesting retro fabrics here - it is a company based in Germany but they seem pretty clued up on shipping all around the world.

      Fabrics called SPOT ON, MODE and KISS might have potential if the colours are right.

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        Re: A familiar fabric??

        Have a look at MARIMEKKO; they have some really retro designs! Using one of their fabrics for some Roman Blinds as we speak.


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          Re: A familiar fabric??

          HOw about Osborne & Little Ambon? It is a very similar design.

 ... ics/ambon/



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            Re: A familiar fabric??


            I can see the rug has an abstract leaf design. I would either go with the contrast edges idea picking out some of the colours or Harlequin do loads of bold leaf prints at the moment. The problem with finding a print is getting in all the relevant colours to match. You might jsut end up going with the contrast borders.

            Its difficult finding a pattern to match a pattern unless you have done the whole design from start to finish. You can spend ages trying to get the right one. Good luck.
            Karen Rhodes
            Karen Rhodes Design
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              Re: A familiar fabric??

              Thanks everyone.

              Seems theres so much choice and the links are great , many thanks to everyone.

              I think the client is going with the contrast ideas and once the rug is delivered it will give us a better idea of the right hues.