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    anybody ordered from curtainfactoryoutlet were they ok ,because i am thinking of using them as i live in france and getting fabric here is really hard !!!
    and they deliver to france !!!


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    Re: curtain factory

    I have two customers who've bought from there and the fabric's been fine (apart from one fabric which was ghastly but that was just the customer's appalling taste) but they both went to the shop and bought personally rather than ordering online.


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      Re: curtain factory

      Some of their fabrics are not perfects but that is of course reflected in the huge savings on Suggested Retail Prices.

      I have worked with a few of their fabrics and the customers have been more than happy. but I have been aware of flaws. Fabrics not printed quite square and 'blobs' of dye where they shouldn't be or slight miss printing showing a little shadowing or the white unprinted cloth. I hasten to add these have been very small flaws and, if taken into account at the design stage, have not detracted from the finished product.

      The company have not supplied badly flawed fabrics to me or my customers and I don't think they would as this would just spoil the reputation they have worked hard to build.

      Give them a try, especially if the fabrics are for yourself and you're working to a budget and don't have trade accounts with suppliers and manufacturers.