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    Hi. Ive been making curtains and blinds for many years with customers own fabrics but would like to offer new customers a choice of fabrics when I visit. Can you recommend some Fabric Designers that are good to work with and maybe
    your most popular fabrics that customers choose Any advice in the would much appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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    I would say the main thing to watch for is what is for sale in any big shops near you (eg Dunelm), and be aware of the MAJOR discounting that is available online. With some brands it is (sadly) cheaper to buy retail online than buy direct as trade.

    If possible, also research how much the fabric house expects you to commit upfront - with some you can buy 2-3 books, others expect a big sale of £££ to open an account and take lots of sample books which you may not want to do. If you know the kind of fabrics most of your customers choose then that will help guide you in the right direction to find some possible suppliers.

    Some workroom suppliers - eg. Jones Interiors and Hallis Hudson also supply fabric collections, and smaller fabric houses/designers also have sample books/folders although the fabrics can be more expensive per metre as they are by individual small companies. I have an account with Ada & Ina for instance.

    Another option is to contact someone with a large fabric library who will supply you, one member who offers this service is Katie at Griffin Interiors

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      Hi Nicky, Simple question but what's best for you may be more complicated. Louise's advice is excellent. I would like to add that carrying around sample books is a weighty burden and you say you go to your clients presumably by car. Also would you let a sample book reside with a client for a period of time while they decide/ check what it looks like at night/ want to keep it to choose carpet and wallpaper etc? I prefer waterfalls of single designs for that reason, but I have a big van full of rails of fabric samples and books hooked up anywhere I can. Hallis Hudson has a 'Book Club' of ILIV fabrics which are extensive, but you probably know that. I would think that if you decided to go with ILIV fabrics then you and your clients could browse their website looking at the fabrics , and then just order swatches. Or alternatively if you want to buy some books that are timeless stick with plains and textures. Iliv has a number of these ( just buy one) or look for designers like Lorna Syson who offer a 'Trade15' whereby swatches are free ( but the beautiful prints are expensive eg. £68 mtr.) Good Luck!


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        You could also send customers to a website beforehand to look at samples (especially if they're currently not keen on people coming into their house). and allow the customer to order samples.
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