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  • 'Cheaper' fabric suppliers

    Hi, I have had several potential customers recently who just can't afford the fabrics I currently deal with. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies that supply lower end priced fabrics, that are still a decent quality. It would be nice to be able to offer an alternative that they find affordable!

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    I think it's important to have a fabric offering that does range from low to high, in general terms. Two of my suppliers that I've had from the beginning is Bill Beaumont Textiles and Ena Shaw. BBT does a wide range with the exception of thick chunky weaves, children's designs and so far they aren't majoring in prints ( but have some).
    70% of my sales are from BBT. Ena Shaw are the company that does the brands Montgomery, Tru Textiles, Q Designs, and Richard Barrie.Pink Gem what are your current fabric brands? Or perhaps the question that should more importantly be asked is what type of fabrics were the customers on a budget wanting?
    Just thought to mention Pavilion Textiles : they have brought out their Vanilla brand, which I consider to be pricey ( I don't buy all their sample books because the designs are too 'posh' for my clientele). BUT the latest collection called 'Horizons', I bought the book immediately as the prices are exceptionally low for designs that look very 'designer'. They are man-made fibres though.


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      Thank you Carolineblue4 I will have a look at your suggestions, I am very new to this, I have signed up to the Hallis Book Club, as recommended by several people on here. Initially looked at Voyage Maison as I love their designs, but they are expensive. I have actually held back from getting going with my business properly as I can't afford the cost of the fabric books. But I have had several people contact me looking for an affordable option when they have unusual shaped windows. I live in a relatively wealthy area, but have no history. So am generally contacted by people with little money to see if I can help where others can't. Thank you again for your advice I will look into it.


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        Be careful before you sign up for any more books/companies as many of the more affordable brands are freely available a huge discounts via places like Dunelm, Ebay and other online sellers. There also seem to be discount and availability issues with Voyage offerings.

        If you deal with Hallis then will have access to iliv which have some reasonably priced fabrics (but can also be found heavily discounted) - StudioG (part of Clarke & Clarke) have some good designs but also freely available online at cut price.

        If you deal with Jones Interiors or Streets (and perhaps others) for your linings etc. they also have fabric collections that might be suitable.

        This is an issue many of us are trying to deal with!

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          This is tricky as no matter how many fabric books you have you may find you still dont have what the customer wants! As Louise said StudioG have a good offering at lower price point & its worth looking at Jones for a nice selection at various prices. You dont have to have books but can offer fabrics which you have collected together, I have a selection of swatches organised by colour or sometimes design type & this can work well if you present it as a collection. If you can gain a clear idea of what the customer likes before your meeting you can go armed with a selection as well as any fabric books you have.


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            Thank you for all the advice, can I ask what sort of mark up you add to fabric when costing a job?


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              Suppliers will give you a suggested RRP

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              • Mary Kennedy
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                Hello Everyone

                I have a number of iliv fabric books which are all in immaculate condition if anyone would be interested in buying them.

                The books I have are:

                Forever Spring
                Country Manor
                Floral Pavilion
                Plains & Textures Book 6

                If interested please email me at


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              Regarding the above fabric books. If someone is interested in any or all of them I would be happy to let them go for the cost of the postage.