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fabric with a flaw

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  • fabric with a flaw

    I know times are hard but well, the cheek of it............
    A fabric supplier that i wont mention the name of made a comment that i couldnt believe my ears at first.........
    they rang me to say that they had come across a flaw when measuring out my order, they asked about my cuts to see about avoiding it, i mentioned that i was making swags and tails also, their answer, 'maybe you could hide the flaw in the folds of the tails!!!!
    I DONT THINK SO.....
    they added an extra mtr, which was ok but no way was i going to hide it....

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    Re: fabric with a flaw

    At least they phoned when the found the flaw. Nothing worse than being ready to start a job and find one. But no, you shouldn't have to 'hide it'!
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: fabric with a flaw

      Oh yes!!!!

      Just put last job but one on the table, and approx 8mts of a 16mts roll was full of flaws, pulled cottons, weave in chunks almost into holes and one even running up the middle. I gave up unrolling so I don't want to know where it stopped. Thanks to Louise it is being replaced but my schedule has gone to pot now. At least they are for a friend so it won't matter if its Christmas week, but it will to me.

      No you should not have to 'hide' flaws especially when you are buying from reputable names.



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        Re: fabric with a flaw

        It is the first time they have phoned me about a flaw, thats true........


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          Re: fabric with a flaw


          You have my sympathy with this. I have been unlucky to have both the clients own fabric flawed (Malabar seconds I think). Then the fabric my client chose from Prestigious arrived with a warp thread pulled all the way up the entire roll. So I had to wait a replacement. Net result, I ended up working for the entire weekend, in order to ensure that the job scheduled for this week was not delayed as I am supposed to be finishing on Friday ... well thats the plan.

          I have yet to hang them yet, as I now have a stinking cold and a poorly son home from school. Aaah!

          I hope you get it sorted it in time for Christmas.

          Sharon - yes that a cheek - how dare they sell you substandard goods and expect you to hide it.