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    Was wondering if this is worth buying? And does anyone have a view on whether hardback or ring bound is better?

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    Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

    Hi Jane
    I'm the same as Phillip. I bought mine 11 years ago and used it when I first started out. However now I have a good range of photos of things I have made over the years I find this much more useful especically when I can show a potential customer what a fabric looks like made up.I never use my directory now.I find samples are also a good selling tool.
    Hope this helps.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

      I bought this book 5 years ago and the pages are very well thumbed indeed. The book is made up of plain line drawings of all types of curtain designs including swags and tails, swagged valances, various pleating arrangements, bay windows, dormer windows, Italian stringing and much much more. In fact if you can't find a contemporary window treatment to suit your design in here it will probably not exist. The book contains a handy reference section in the front with smaller images, like thumbnails, of what become full A4 page deigns later in the book.

      The book suits me because I always design in black and white to obtain shape and form before complicating everything by adding colour and pattern. Without this book I would have been lost on many an occasion. For any curtain maker who is concentrating on the design of window treatments as well as making up curtains the book provides a classic reference guide to shape and form and is therefore and invaluable tool.

      I purchased the loose leaf binder type so that I can take out an A4 page and photocopy it. This gives me an oportunity to draw in colours and patterns which can then be given to a client for approval. It will save you a massive amount of drawn presestation work if used correctly.............


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        Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

        you have sold it to me, I will give it another go.. I usually use colour pictures, and have never considered using the book simply for a design base, but I will endeavour to give it a chance again.

        Have you registered your business yet?

        A MyDecozo Directory


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          Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

          This weekend is the first time I've seen the book and, given the time, I could have lost myself in the designs. Sadly for me I can't draw what's in my head and it frustrates the hell out of me. So, for me, this book will be a lifesaver as I will be able to use the simple line drawings to bring to life what I have stuck in my mind. This book is on my list of 'must haves'. if anyone has an up to date binder version that they no longer want, please get in touch.


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            Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

            I use this book on a regular basis, I wouldn't leave home to to a consultation without it tbo,its invaluable.

            I also photocopy images selected onto sample cards and forward with fabric samples to the client . It helps enormously for you client to be able to see the design firstly in black and white. Once the job is booked, I then do a curtain mood board with the curtain design,fabric selected, trimmings and line drawings. It looks so much more professional

            Mine is getting rather tatty now so I am going to purchase the ring binder version and laminate the popular designs, mine currently have been well thumbed !


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              Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

              I use this too. Great for illustrating your ideas - scan in and e mail the client.
              Karen Rhodes
              Karen Rhodes Design
              Pole Design


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                Re: M&D Curtain Design Directory

                I also have the ring binder version of this which I have used on many occasions. I have put each page into cheap plastic wallets to keep clean.