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  • Need some creative inspiration.....

    This is my front door and as you can see, it's in desperate need of a makeover. We looked at having stained glass but at £5000 I don't think so!

    Unfortunately in the top left corner, there's a boxed in pipe which means the shape isn't symetrical. The alarm and bell boxes could be moved. I need to make sure I don't cut out too much light or obstruct the door but I need to soften the top and the sides and hide the view of the cobwebs in the porch

    The only idea I've come up with so far is 3 ruched blinds but hubby's not very keen on anything fussy and definately not frilly. Any ideas welcome [attachment=0:1u6d77o5]HFH_front_door.jpg[/attachment:1u6d77o5]

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    Re: Need some creative inspiration.....

    How about a lambrequin/pelmet, coming part way down the centre window, but covering the small square windows, and down over the side windows a little way, shaped on the bottom edge? I dont have a scanner here, otherwise I'd do a sketch a post it. But your house looks Victorian, so this would be in keeping.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: Need some creative inspiration.....

      I think a Lambrequin would be fab. Could you bring it forward to hide away the boxed in pipe?

      As to rushed blinds....spider heaven!