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  • Any ideas gratefully received

    Hi my lounge needs new curtains/blinds dont want boring plain. It is a long room 24foot low ceilings and has the sun all day and in the evening. I have to walk through it to get to the kitchen and I have 2 kids and a cat and dog. Ideas from you would be great. Hope the pictures make sense. The poles are going.

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    Re: Any ideas gratefully received

    What a lovely room! You've got our rocking horse!
    Lightish fabric perhaps as it's so low? What kind of patterns do you like for yourself?


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      Re: Any ideas gratefully received

      hi sophie i did sill length ones not long ago and put beads along the bottom of hems and eyelets at the heading there in the gallery i made mistakes that you probaly would not do what about sliding panels in front of the doors and matching the fabric with romans for the windows or even curtains to match the sliding panel sorry about the terrible grammer esther what a beautful home it has real country feel probaly better checke or floral that mag country home & interiors has nice styles that would go i have edit this when had second look thats how i sound daft beautful home sophie esther


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        Re: Any ideas gratefully received

        It is a lovely room.

        I would put curtains on the door and the bigger window at the end, on the two windows either side of the door I would probably have romans. If you have curtains there that whole wall will just be a mass of fabric, apart from your couple of wall lights in between. Also notice that you have a radiator under one of the windows so you don't really want to cover that up, unless of course you don't use it.

        What type of things do you like? I would go for something with a trim on it to add a bit of interest. Do you like floral, contemporary, traditional etc etc. Let us know.
        Kindest Regards,


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          Re: Any ideas gratefully received

          I agree with Karen, about a mixture of curtains and blinds. Use more than one fabric, have contrast leading edges or a wide band at the bottom of the curtains, and use the contrast fabric as the main fabric on the blinds with band in the second fabric. Don't forget you can add a trim (or trim and piping) in the seam where the two fabrics meet.

          Try sketching out some ideas.
          Kind regards
          Pen Harrison
          Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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            Re: Any ideas gratefully received

            Thank you all for your ideas they are along the lines I was thinking 2roman blinds 2 curtains. Has anyone used or seen the romeo and Juliet collection by kandola. I love using different textures in my curtains ie jute edged in silk. I am very concerned about having too much fabric in this room as there is more windows than walls. Will get my sketch book out. Does anyone know if there is such a material like cord around anymore.


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              Re: Any ideas gratefully received

              What a lovely home you have Jane. The idea of the curtains and roman blind combination will look fab.

              Villa Nova do a cord fabric in lots of lovely colours, pm me if you need samples. Its nice when you can take some time out to make some treatments for yourself.

              Oh and you have the same blanket box as I have in my lounge too!


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                Re: Any ideas gratefully received

                Hi Sophie,

                Lurvly room! I bet your views are stunning too?

                What about using the same poles for your romans as for your curtains? That way there would be more cohesion. I did post a link to someone who supplies the decorative poles for curtains and blinds.....can't remember who it was....will rack my brains!

                love Jx.

                p.s. Did you do the blind to sit behind your swanky toile pelmet?