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  • How would you do these?

    Hello everyone,
    Wonder if you could help, before xmas I made some triple pleat curtains with a bobble trim. Once they were up I suggested that the bobbles would look great at the bottom of triple pleat (I cant keep my mouth shut) anyway client would like them doing so how would you do it? and how much to charge? The tassle is less than 1cm once cut off.


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    Re: How would you do these?

    I put some bobbles on some "mates rates" curtains before Christmas - I used them like a button and sewed them on like a tuft just going through the back of the bobble. They didn't drop down like a fringe more just in place like a button. I would charge the same amount as I would for a covered button.


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      Re: How would you do these?

      Hi Sophie
      I did some curtains before Christmas that had tassels sewn at the bottom of the pleats. I sewed them on at the same time as I sewed in the bottom of the pleat. You should be able to tuck the end down inside the pleat and sew thru as normal. If you have already sewn the bottom of the pleat in place it will be quicker to undo the pleat and resew with the tassel inserted rather than trying to sew the tassle in afterwards it will take much longer. I have found this method works really well.
      Kindest Regards


      Denton Drapes


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        Re: How would you do these?

        Hi penny, really dont want to undo as there are 2 pairs of 3 width curtains interlined and the tassles or cord frays. I think I might use my Merrick and Day Tape Double sided stuff and try and put a ting bit on both ends and tuck down the pleats.. Will have to have a go!!!!!! Will let you know.