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Help please! Wave curtains or what to use for minimum stackback

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  • Help please! Wave curtains or what to use for minimum stackback

    Dear all, my client has a bay window with shutters and we are putting a gliderpole track by Bradley. The distance from the wall to the end of shutters is almost 8cm. According manufacturer, pole should be installed min 16 cm from the wall in our case. If so, we are loosing the space for 20 cm wide magazine tables which a must have item for my client. I know a good fitter can adjust the waves so stackback wiil be less? Or may be use double pinch pleat on gliderpole instead? Will it help? Really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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    A wave heading will have the least stackback but this needs to be planned from the start if you are using heading tape. The planning starts with the pole and how many gliders are included and the size of the folds between them - Bradley should be able to help you with that. Fewer gliders will mean fewer folds and therefore smaller stackback, however, each fold will be deeper when the curtains are open so need more clearance from the wall.

    An alternative would be to make a pin hook heading or single pleat heading which can use minimal fullness and therefore reduce the stackback. There are posts here already about pin hook headings if you want to investigate how they are made.

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