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Dilemma over pole lengths

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  • Dilemma over pole lengths

    I need opinions about a dilemma I have with two windows that are different widths. The customer has them currently dressed identically with Austrian blinds inside the recesses , valances and dress curtains outside. Because of this the two problems are rather obsured: the left hand window is slightly narrower than the right one, and that the right hand window is bang up to wardrobes on it's RHS. My customer will be having venetian blinds inside recess and wants simple poles and single dress curtains stacking left on both windows. I have already warned her that on the RHS of the right window there's no room for a finial due to the wardrobe cornice cutting into the space.
    My dilemma is shall I have both poles more or less the same width to try to 'even out' their appearance, or should I keep to the same amount of overhang on the left of each window? I'm thinking of having Cartridge pleats for the headings or Tempo heading as she wants a simple even pleat effect.
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    Hi Caroline

    I think I would go with poles of the same length on both windows to even them up. I don't think it will matter that the pole on the right butts up to the wardrobe- use a disc finial on that pole end. I think that one's eye will be drawn to the two curtains and the stack-back should be the same on both which will hide the fact that one window is narrower. If the current arrangement disguises the unequal windows I'm sure the new style will even though it is much simpler.

    Best wishes


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      Liz, thank you for that advice. It was my initial thought to have the poles the same length. I think what I'll do is have the single curtains made up to exactly the same heading width then make the decision about the pole lengths when the time comes to hang them. You're right about the stackbacks needing to look equal. Customer only expressed the wish to have the left hand sides just minimally covered(dressed) to allow maximum light. With the cartridge heading the stack back won't be skimpy, especially with interlining, and I feel even dress curtains shouldn't be skimpy.