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  • design idea woes

    I went to a new clients on Sunday. Design brief was wanted the 'wow factor' but not really much more to go on than that. I'm not an interior designer, i have to admit i struggle quite a bit if they really dont have any idea what they want.
    I spent 3 hrs there, giving suggestions. most were recieved with the reply not enough the end i was quite pleased she seemed happy with what we had finished up with, swags, tails, dress curtains (see other post). she choose fabrics from me, gave me a deposit for the fabrics....job done......or so i thought........
    today she called me, she is worried that the swags ect will be too much?? over the top?Also she dosnt really want the pole to show??? a bit difficult with pole swags....or is it???
    i think she was needing reasurrance but i feel uncomfortable about trying to convince her that they wont, because if she goes ahead and when it is all done how about if she does feel they are too much, i will feel bad then, responsible.......i have tried to find pictures of the 3 awags on a pole, tails and curtains but have had no luck.
    Does anyone have one or two?
    Sorry, a few questions going on there......
    feeling a bit down now after feeling it had gone soooo well at the weekend.....

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    Re: design idea woes

    there are a few pictures of pole swags on the M'Fay site - also if you use Google images some interesting things pop up.

    Have you looked at the M'Fay patterns that Pen @ Colly Brook stocks? There are some interesting variations on swags/valances and a lovely variation called the Parisian. Also Bistro swags that attach to the curtains themselves.

    Even if you/your client don't choose one of these they may help the decision that your original plan is the one they want to go for.........

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      Re: design idea woes

      Hi Sharon,

      Sounds like she has been talking to some friends and they have offered her their opinion! I would usually avoid a huge WOW factor if the windows or rooms are small, and the ceilings are low. Especially with swags and tails. However in the right situation they are stunning. If you have the M & D swag and tail design pattern book, there is a b & w photo in there. Also in the M & D Encyclopedia the same photo in colour. If you don't have I will scan it for you and try to E-Mail.

      Let me know.



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        Re: design idea woes

        Thanks for your help....
        I have sent some pics, of pole swags and other options so hopefully they will help her to decide.......
        i do have the M and D, although i didnt think of that, so have used that pic to send.....thanks so much for the offer of scaning it, very kind of you.....
        will have to wait and see what happens now...


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          Re: design idea woes

          Good news, she has decided to go ahead with the swags and tails, she is happier now after looking at the pics i sent so result... i feel better knowing that she has decided for herself and after seeing those pics, wouldnt have felt so confident about the job if i had just said that it would be ok and just sort of talked her into it........


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            Re: design idea woes

            It's great to see that your client like the ideas and I must say that these days so many ideas are available that you can choose the best according to the requirements. When I was renovating my place, I searched so many websites and gather ideas to make my master bedroom look amazing. Have a look at bedroom design ideas.