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Single duvet cover and pillow case

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  • Single duvet cover and pillow case


    I've been asked to make bedding for a little girls room - Single duvet and pillow case. Can someone give me an idea of what to charge for make-up only please.. Thinking around £50.00.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Single duvet cover and pillow case

    My NDA course notes from last year suggest £25 for the duvet cover and £8 for a plain pillowcase......

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      Re: Single duvet cover and pillow case

      Hi Philip,

      Would be interested what fabric you intend to make these out of. Have often wondered if some curtain fabrics would be suitable, although I suppose that is down to the individual fabric cleaning and usage requirements. Can you buy special fabric for the purpose. Often wondered what I would suggest if a client wanted me to do this, I usually opt for a throw of some sort.

      £25 sounds quite a good price, I can't see theres that much involved!



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        Re: Single duvet cover and pillow case

        I have made a duvet cover, years ago, from lightish curtain fabric and it was fine. You would obviously need to check washability. You can buy sheeting, but it tends to be boring plain colours. You could also buy the largest sheets and cut them down for a duvet, but I can't see the point of this, as there is probably a duvet in that range...
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          Re: Single duvet cover and pillow case

          My daughter's single duvet cover & pillowcase set was £40 from JL. I thought that was a lot but it has has a reasonable amount of work involved in the make up - gingham border with mitred corners around a white centre with applique butterflies. I would say £20-25 to make up something plain and work up from there depending upon the amount of work involved.