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  • lampshades

    I am making some curtains for a customer and she as asked me if I could cover or make new lampshades to match the curtains.The problem is they are uplighters hanging from the ceiling lights. Would the fabric have to be FRd ,where could I find the right frame or would I be able to cover on top of old frames, they are made of a kind of paper/fabric with only wire at the top and bottom so need new frame or some way of holding frame work apart if that make sence.would be grateful of any help thankyou

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    Re: lampshades

    Hi Susieq

    The shade will have to be treated for FR - You may find this post interesting, and I know Bluebell will give you all the necessary advice when she logs in.

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      Re: lampshades

      You might want to take a look at [urlnew:k6nj5c6o][/urlnew:k6nj5c6o] I think one of our members, Bluebell, bought this lampshade making ebook and found it very useful.

      For materials, try [urlnew:k6nj5c6o][/urlnew:k6nj5c6o] or [urlnew:k6nj5c6o][/urlnew:k6nj5c6o] .

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        Re: lampshades

        E-book EXTREMELY useful. Maude Gold-Kiser easy to contact if anything goes wrong with your order (mine took a while to come through as her webspace was playing up).

        Well worth the money imho.

        I bought FR spray and sprayed the lining, but not the outer silk, after a great deal of thought and research. It's hard work and not quick but as long as your client is prepared to pay a fair price it's worth it all. If he/she is not prepared to pay and wants it done on the cheap then I'm afaird I'd tell them to stuff it.

        This one took me about 15 hours and materials including the spray cost me nearly £40. I quoted a ridiculous price (less than £80) as a complete stab in the dark and was well out. Next time I'll be quoting at least £150.

        Hope this helps.



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          Re: lampshades

          thanks for your help,have now got a few ideas .Blue bell could you tell me where you got your FR spray please have looked on lots of sites and cannot find any
          thanks once again susieq.


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            Re: lampshades

            Fred Aldous is good for lampshade frames and sundries
            think it is