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  • wave system curtains

    Does anyone know how to stop wave system curtains from 'splaying' at the hem? I have been asked to alter some existing wave curtains, and to see if I can find out how to ensure the folds stay in place at the hem. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks

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    Re: wave system curtains

    It depends on the type of fabric the curtains are made from. If they are a thick springy type of fabric you may not be able to do very much.
    A pair of tiebacks my help to control the vertical folds of fabric .but may spoil the look of the wave
    You could try banding the curtains for 3 or 4 days but if its a spring fabric eventually the hemline will splay out again.
    If you have a double hem that can also add bulk at the hemline a single hem may improve the situation also.
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    Denton Drapes


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      Re: wave system curtains

      Thanks Penny, I think there is a double hem! I'll look into trying to reduce the bulk there and banding them as well. Thanks for your advice. Karen