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  • Blind hemmer thread

    Hope somebody can help me please. I recently bought a Yamata industrial blind hemmer and I've never used any industrial machines before - wow does it go! Problem is I can't position fabric properly to get a good result (the instructions it came with are a bit sketchy to say the least), and I think I might not be helping by using ordinary sewing thread instead of blind hemmer thread, if there is such a thing, cos if I look at others that have been done with a blind hemmer then the thread seems very thin, strong and silky but I've no idea what to look for, as you can see I'm fairly new at this. I really would appreciate some advice, thanks everyone.

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    Re: Blind hemmer thread

    Hi Barbara

    You are correct, you need a fine thread designed for use on machines with loopers. Use Gutermann Skala 240 semi translucent thread. Comes in white, ivory, beige and black. You can't buy it from the shops though. 5000 metre cones. If you want me to get you some, drop me a line.

    Alternatively - Jones Buttons, in Nottingham sell it.

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