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    Been approached by another company today to make curtains etc. They have told me their previous company made lined curtains for £5.00 per width. This amount is no where near enough for me. What sort of price do you think I should be asking per width for contract work. Any help will be great only I have only ever made for domestic customers.

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    Re: Advice

    I've never worked for shops or other companies, but I was once offered £16 a width by a local curtain shop for lined machine made curtains - I turned it down. I have a lady who has made for me, she charges £8 a width and does an excellent job. My advice would be to calculate how long a pair of double width pencil pleat curtains takes, then work out what you'd expect to earn per hour. Doing outwork you'll probably find you'll be working for less than minimum wage.

    It all has to depend on your current circumstances, if you need the work then go for it.. But please don't give your work away for £5 a width. You can make more money selling on ebay... Ask a friend to go into the shop who has offered you £5 a width and get a quote, see what they are charging. To be honest, I think they are trying to pull a fast one and just saying £5 a width to see if you bite. Phone around a few shops and ask for openings in outwork. Will you machine make the curtains using a blind hemmer or hand sew? What did they offer for buckram headings?

    Have you registered your business yet?

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      Re: Advice


      I work for a shop and they pay me £11 a width for pencil pleat hand made curtains, they cut everything out, also deliver and collect from me. I used to work for a shop which paid me £9 a width I had to cut the linings and go and get the work, aswell as return the finished curtains to them. It fills in any quiet periods for me.

      There are for's and against, obviously you are not making a great deal of money but you dont have to deal with the customer or fit the curtains, which I know I dont always charge my customers for this service.

      £5 a width is it for a machine made curtain - I think I would get £6 a width for totally machine made curtain unlined.

      Good luck

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