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  • maching in lining

    How much less do you make your lining if you want to machine in, but still do a 2" leading edge and mitre ??? please help.. thanks sunny

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    Re: maching in lining

    If you are bag-lining, then I would normally cut the lining 15cm narrower than the face fabric. This will give you a return of face fabric to the back of about 1.5 inches. I use a 1.5 cm hem allowance.

    Sorry to mix imperial and metric.



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      Re: maching in lining

      Generally you would have a false mitre on bag out lined curtains and iron the sides in once you've sewn the face fabric and lining together - However, if using a pre-ironed turning on the main fabric to create the true mitre I would suggest you add 1cm to the lining for give - you can hide this extra when attaching your tops. In fact either way, false or true mitre I would suggest you allow a little give in the lining if you are going to press the sides in on the face fabric before sewing.

      Decide how far you want the sides of the lining to come in from the leading edge - If you want it to come in 2.5cm's each side, cut the lining 10cm's smaller than the face fabric - If you want the lining to sit 5cm's in from the leading edge, minus 15cm's from the lining fabric. This is based on a 2.5cm seam allowance; seam allowance plus side turn.. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with this.. I've based it all on my own logic.

      The more you bring the lining in from the leading edge, the more face fabric you loose in the turning.

      If coming in more than 2.5cm's you'll have difficulty creating a true mitre.. Bagged out curtains are fine with false miters, and if done properly look equally as good.

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        Re: maching in lining

        Thanks sue and philip, i am going to try this out ......