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  • seam allowances

    I wonder if someone can advise me - I made a table runner today it had to be 12" wide and so I cut it 13" wide, thus allowing half inch seam allowance either side, (I made it like a pillow case, if you have made one of these what was the best way to do it?) I tried to be careful and when I turned it the right way, pressed it and measured it was 11.5"!!!!

    Doe anyone else have this problem, how do you ensure you take the right seam allowance.

    I probably just need to practice.

    Thanks Kathy
    K W Designs

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    Re: seam allowances

    Hi Kathy
    I have found this problem with the correct length of curtains and widths on roman blinds. I think it is to do with the actual turning of the fabric and its thicknesses.
    I always a 5mm on to the finished length of a curtain for the turning of the fabric especially if interlined and lined. The same I have found with roman blinds, I add on 5mm to the width as by the time you have interlocked your interlining in and then sewn on the lining it tends to pull it up a little.
    This is only a process that I have developed in my workroom over the years, but it does seem to work for me. I would much rather that my curtains were a couple of mm too long than 5mm too short.
    Hope this helps a little.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: seam allowances

      Hi Kathy

      I recently made a table runner or giant tie as my husband called it! I cut it an extra 3cm wide -1.5cm seam each side and when i actually sewed it took a seam allowance of just under 1.5cm so this allowed for it to be turned inside out. It still turned out to be slightly narrower and shorter but only by a couple of mm's.