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lead weights for voiles

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  • lead weights for voiles

    Does anyone have any nifty way of attaching lead weight tape to voiles to replicate ready purchased.
    I've tried making a narrow hem and just feeding it throught but to be honest it looks naff. also tried feeding it through the overlocker while doing a rolled hem but all I managed to do was break umpteen needles.
    Thought that you clever people would have some idea's

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    Re: lead weights for voiles

    Hi Marian,

    The way ive done it before is to fold a narrow double hem, place the weight tape in fold and pin the end of tape to end of seam, leaving it over hanging for now. I dont cut the length of weight tape until ive finished completely.
    I then fold over hem and stitch close to tape with a zipper foot, dont worry too much about the weight tape being tight across the hem, just pull material to correct width when you have finished the seam, I then sew a few small stitches through the hem, at each end, to hold the tape in place and cut off the over hang.

    Hope this all makes sense and as usual other people will tell you another way to do this.



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      Re: lead weights for voiles

      It's hard to copy a Euro Hem (that's what it is called here in the US) without the machines that are set up specifically to do the job.

      I have also done as Louise suggested.

      A standard doubled hem with the bead weight dropped in also works fine.

      I have to admit that I love those sheers that come railroaded with the Euro hem in place. Fast work!

      Good Luck,
      Susan Woodcock
      Charlotte, NC


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        Re: lead weights for voiles

        I would make a standard double hem and drop the weight chain in.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings