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  • Bed throws

    Hi all,

    apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it in a search here or in any of my books. I've been asked to make a bed throw and can't find what the "recommended" way of doing this is! I was thinking of a width of fabric to go over the bottom of the bed - is that sufficient? And what are they normally backed with? I had thought of doing the underside in a contrasting fabric so that it is reversible. And also thought of interlocking and/or stab stitching a layer of sarril between the 2 fabric layers. Any advice, re-direction to where I can find this out, help etc gratefully received!

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    Re: Bed throws

    Do you have M&D Encyclopaedia of Curtains?

    If so, check p210-211 which has bed covers. PM me if you don't have it........

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      Re: Bed throws

      We have made alot of "bed sashes" for the bottom of beds.
      We normally only use 1/2 a width of fabric, this has interlining interlocked in the normal way then we hand sew a lining often contrasting all the way round the edge. Finaly we stab stitch carefully so not to create an indentation.
      Ours usually have pointy ends that sits 10-20cm up from the floor with a tassle at each end.
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        Re: Bed throws

        Hi there,
        I am doing a couple of bedthrows at the moment, plus bedspreads!. For the throws I have used double 410 gm interlining and stab stitched, then put lining on the back. both clients have requested that they be "very thick".I have made them 100 cms wide and 109cms wide.( I would probably normally only make them 90 cms wide.) The length is the distance from one side of the bed to the other with 20cms taken off.
        I'm sure other people do them differently though.