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  • Help a friend indeed

    Hi everyone
    My friend carrie went and bought herself a pair of ready made damask cream curtains
    they were about 6-7 inchs to long but she put them up here windows

    Now she decided they needed washing and take up she know nothing about making softfurnishing
    so she desided to take them up from the botton as it looked easy that way she cut them and tried to take up the hem
    but were they have been washed and the lining machined in the are a complete mess

    yes you guessed now she wants me to sort them out i just dont know where to start
    have you any tips as if it was me they would go in the bin


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    Re: Help a friend indeed

    I also would bin them, but if she wants them done it sounds like you will have to unpick the linings, measure the finished length from the top of the curtain down and turn up and sew the hems, stitch the lining back down the sides (by hand) and turn up the hem of the lining and stitch.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: Help a friend indeed

      Hi Marela, not a good job to start a Monday morning with.! It also sounds time consuming. What about new linings?

      Cat C.
      Kind regards



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        Re: Help a friend indeed

        Hi Marela

        If its a freebie for a friend, why don't you ask her to unpick them? That to me is the time consuming part, and then you can just work your magic!

        It will also show your friend how time consuming alterations are, it's far easier to start from scratch. She may think twice about asking you to do the impossible in future.

        Regards, Jessie
        I'd rather be sewing!


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          Re: Help a friend indeed

          Hi There

          Just finished the curtains they look really nice (she must have been drunk when she cut the bottoms)
          my friend came round and asked me how much she owed me
          then slipped in that the curtains only cost £30.00 to buy
          what can you say after that i told her to buy me some flowers or something
          This is the first alteration i have had and l don't really mind as she is a good friend
          and the experience is good
          but i need to be ready for next time as i have really only just started and need to know
          what sort of price to charge for alterations

          Thank you for all your help



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            Re: Help a friend indeed

            Poor Marela

            You always find friends if you can sew! The last freebie I did was the last! My brother asked for curtains for his caravan (lined), then a blind, then could you run up some covers (piped), and while you're at it a dividing curtain! The caravan then looked so nice he sold it!

            Lesson learned, even family will take advantage. I didn't even get a bottle of wine!

            I hope you do much better!

            Good luck, Jessie
            I'd rather be sewing!


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              Re: Help a friend indeed

              Glad that it worked out for you, but don't be put off allowing friends to pay........while you are doing a freebie you are not earning any pennies for yourself.
              As a rule I usually charge half my normal make up charge per width to start with, that can quite often change their mind, but there can be a lot of work with alterations and the picking out can take as long as sewing new hems. Problems can arise as well especially when the lining is overlocked in as it often is with ready-mades. Try to get them cleaned as well, don't agree to work on nasty smelly old things, after all do you think that the client would?????? I have been known to get the customer to help taking the curtains down, that gave one quite a shock when she saw how filthy it was up there, she was more than happy to have then cleaned.........actually she was soooooo embarassed it was funny.
              They are not the easiest jobs , so be a bit choosy and careful in what you agree to, they seldom look perfect, but a satisfied customer will come back to you, maybe lesson learnt, hopefully to buy new from you.....and when one is starting out a job is a job.