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Roller to Roman?

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  • Roller to Roman?

    My great friend has had a new hand painted kitchen, colours chosen to match existing roller blind which she loves.
    The window had to be moved and a new one made and yes you've guessed it, the blind isn't quite wide enough. The blind is made with a J Churchill fabric now discontinued, and was laminated. I am wondering if I can add contrast borders to the sides and bottom, what does anyone think? The fabric is obviously stiffened and if I remove the narrow side hem and only line it I think it would probably work.
    If any of you have tried this or have any views I would be grateful as I don't want to do all that work if it's not going to be sucessful
    Many thanks

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    Re: Roller to Roman?

    If it were my kitchen I'd go for a completely new blind, but it depends on how old the roller is and its condition. I think new fabric added to 'old' fabric may show the original fabric up, and not being laminated, would be a different texture and feel.

    Others here may know, but I don't know how easy it would be to sew laminated fabric. I'd want a brand new blind in a new kitchen, personally.



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      Re: Roller to Roman?

      Does it have to be a roman?

      You can probably stitch through the laminated fabric with the right needle, but I would be concerned that it would not fold crisply enough for a roman. Would your friend consider a reefed blind which rolls from the bottom up? Then you could add double-sided contrast side borders to create the required width.

      I have instructions on making reefed blinds - PM me if you like me to email them.

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        Re: Roller to Roman?

        If it's a roller, it won't roll up properly if you have seams.

        And I think it would be too stiff as a roman. Go for new fabric!
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings