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Questions about M & D's Trim Fix

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  • Questions about M & D's Trim Fix

    Morning All,

    Hope you are all well and being busy little bees today.

    Have a quick question about the trim fix. I have ordered some as I have trims to put on some Romans. Can you tell me whether it is strong enough to attach bullion down the leading edge of a curtain and also to attach bullion to swags and tails??????

    Any advise much appreciated.
    Kindest Regards,

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    Re: Questions about Merrick & Day's Trim Fix

    I was intrigued by your question, so I had a look on their site - looks amazing stuff if it works. I would have thought that swags & tail would be fine as they don't get handled, but I would be a bit suspicious on curtains unless they are just dress curtains. It will be interesting to see if anyone has any experience of it.


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      Re: Questions about Merrick & Day's Trim Fix

      I have used trim fix in the past and although it was fantastic attaching the trim, when a blind had to come back because it had shrunk due to steam in a bathroom and the hem had gone wonky it was a nightmare to try to remove as theblind had to be taken apart and remade.
      My own personal choice would be to hand sew trims everytime.
      Kindest Regards


      Denton Drapes


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        Re: Questions about Merrick & Day's Trim Fix

        Hi Karen,
        I have used the tape on my curtain edge and then some on a shaped pelmet and on the bottom of a roman blind. The curtain and the blind are great but the shaped pelmet has not been great. I think it is a great tape but it is not for every aspect of trim fixing. I use it to fix my leaded weights in very lazy but quick. It is very strong and it is very hard to remove once it has cured! Try it.