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Problems with Bead Trims

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  • Problems with Bead Trims

    I have just finished a bead trimmed Austrian and Roman Blind. Thanks to Philip for his pleat method for inserting them, I got a really good finish.

    HOWEVER just admiring my handiwork before wrapping the goods for delivery, when I noticed that some of the beads had gone AWOL. The thin tube shaped ones had somehow got inside the bigger round bead next to them, and (glass) broke when I tried to free them. I have now had to cut a section of bead trim out, and tried to re-thread them in the same manner to try and repair. How confident can I feel that my repair will be OK? I don't use bead trims that often and I was gutted to see that something had gone wrong right at the end. I then took a look at my smaller Roman for the same client. Some of the threads seem to be wearing thin on that too. I was extremely careful in the make-up of these, and they both came from reputable suppliers (Troynorth and Price & Co). Is this a common problem? Is there a magic trick to repair or stop this happening?

    Help. They looked so good too.


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    Re: Problems with Bead Trims

    Hi sue,
    I'm sorry you're having a problem. If you do need to rethread some beads just make sure that you secure the ends, or run them through the fabric well. Just to reassure you,I think at the bottom of a roman blind they should be fine, as there shouldn't be any stress on the beadwork, although there may be on a curtain's leading edge.

    But we'veused bead trims lots of times, and of course we sell them, and I can only think of one problem. So don't let it stop you!
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings