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Different floor levels

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  • Different floor levels

    Hi! I have been puzzling over this one for ages - I wonder if anyone can help - it's a bit hard to explain.

    I have an upper hallway window and one side of the window is on the 'normal' floor level the other side dips into the stairwell, hence if I had long curtains one side would be too short. The shorter length doesn't look right on the longer side. I thought about making the curtains two different lengths but I'm not sure how it would look aesthetically. I like Roman blinds, which is a possibility, but I thought they make look a bit plain in a hallway window. Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing. I would welcome any help. Many thanks.

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    Re: Different floor levels

    Hi Doozle,

    I have done this quite recently.

    My client required a full length 'pair' of curtains at the turn on the stairs. This meant that one curtain was about 30cm shorter than the other. It also meant that one curtain was narrower than the other. Two things to be aware of - patterned fabric will need to be carefully matched from the top rather than the bottom of the curtains, and that if like in my case one curtain needed to be narrower than the other, the join in the curtain pole needed to be off-centre, as one curtain covered more than half of the pole. I had to cut down the narrow curtain to about 1.75 widths to ensure equal spacing and pleat allowances on the heading.

    Good Luck.


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      Re: Different floor levels

      Hello Doozle

      Welcome to the forum... I have an awkward window with probably the same issue as yours and decided to use a design by M'Fay to solve my problem - Though I haven't dressed the window yet you may find this post of interest. Click here When I do mine I will use a pelmet board rather than a pole and will conceal a roller blind for when privacy is required.

      These patterns are available from Colly Brook Fine Furnishings who are their UK stockists. The owner of Colly Brook Fine Furnishings, Pen Harrison is also a member here should you need any info on the patterns before buying, we also have a member from M'Fay in the USA so plenty of help if required.

      Hope this helps!
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        Re: Different floor levels

        I have done this on a stair window where half the pair were on a lower step and I did both to the floor and it looked really good - I certainly agree that if you did the longer side to the shorter length it would look really odd


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          Re: Different floor levels

          Many thanks to all of you who replied - I've never joined a forum like this before and I am glad I have now! You have all been really helpful and very kind.

          Best wishes,

          Julie x