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  • Blood Stains

    Hi everyone

    Not sure if this is the right place for my query

    I have just done an amazingly stupid thing, I have sewn my finger to my fabric, very very painful, don't ask me how I did it, because I don't know, after freeing myself and screaming, stopped the bleeding, pulled the thread out of my finger, sat down had a drink I then went back to the curtain, of course it has a blood stain the size of a 10p and I can't get it out. The fabric is dry clean only, I have tried water, my own saliva and upholstery cleaner but to no avail. The fabric is cream with stripes, you can guess where the stain is. The fabric is also quite expensive so to replace is the last option. I cannot believe how stupid this is.

    Any help please


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    Re: Blood Stains

    Oh Joan, what a shame Were you joining the widths...any chance you could cut away the part with the stain & just have one width just slightly narrower..
    I'm sorry this is all I can suggest. Hope you can work something out Cheaply


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      Re: Blood Stains

      I was sewing pinch pleats and of course the stain in in the space not in the pleat!!!

      I'm so disappointed this was the last curtain in a three window room, (i started last November)



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        Re: Blood Stains

        This important info was sent in by Kelly W. from Missouri; "It is extremely important not to dry anything with a stain in it. Sometimes folks forget about checking a stain after working on it then they put it in the wash. Then they automatically put the garment in the dryer and the stain bakes in making it impossible to remove. This is especially important with ink, and protein stains. Always check your garment before putting it into the dryer!" Thanks Kelly!
        Dana from Victoria, B.C. Canada writes; "For removing acrylic paint off clothes, hairspray works extremely well. Test a small spot on the item and then spray on hairspray and use your fingermail to remove the paint. Occasionally you have to wash twice, but it has never failed me!" Thanks Dana! Susan from Boisie, Idaho wanted to share this super tip with us; "Remove acrylic paint from clothes with pine cleaner. Soak, scrub, repeat. Takes some time, but it works!" Thanks a bunch Susan! Christina Nielson from Orem, Utah sent in this unique tip for getting acrylic paint stains out; "First, always clean the paint up while it's wet, and blot off the excess with a cloth or paper towel. Then douse it with Scotch using a cloth to blot and rub the paint until it is gone or substantially faded. Then wash the article with your usual detergent. Not paint or marks from the Scotch will remain." Thanks for your wonderful tip Christina!

        Blot the stain and dip it in cold water. Rub the spot with a cut lemon, rinse, and air dry. Use prewash stain remover and then launder with warm water. Arika from San Diego writes; "FYI - pouring boiling hot water on a berry stain will get stains right out on any color clothes, even white. I know this works for sure on a fresh stain but not sure about a set stain." Thanks a bunch for sharing Arika! Also check out "Fruit Stains" below for more help with berry stains.

        Allow to dry before scraping off excess. Sponge with a weak vinegar and water solution.

        Amanda from Alberta Canada writes; "An easy and quick way to remove blood is to spray the area with Windex and rub a little. Then just throw it in the wash. No waiting or soaking required." Thanks Amanda! Sheri from Houston, TX writes; "Use saline solution for contact lenses to remove blood stains. Put paper towel under the fabric and squirt solution onto it. Blot to remove any left over. It draws the blood into the solution and doesn't harm the fabric like hydrogen peroxide may." Thanks Sheri! PB Morehead from Colorado Springs, CO writes; "For removing blood use table salt. Sprinkle liberally on stain, rub in and then wash as usual. Can be used on dried blood, just dampen with water and then use the salt." Thanks a bunch PB!! Darla from Herminie, Pa. writes; "Cover area with white unseasoned meat tenderizer. Apply a few drops of water to make paste. Wait 15-30 minutes, sponge with cool water." Thanks Darla! Yvonne from Miami, FL writes; "Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood better than bleach. Saturate in peroxide, leave on over night and rinse." Thanks Yvonne! Laura writes; "Hydrogen peroxide works wonders. My only complaint is it can and will erode the fabric just as much as chlorine bleach. Not take out the color but weaken the material, even demin. I've been using peroxide for years and nothing works better but soaking in peroxide is tough on fabrics." Thanks Laura! Marianne from Northern California sent in this tip; "Drench the stain with ammonia and let sit. It will not discolor clothing and always works for me." Thanks bunches Marianne! Mick from England writes; "The best way I've found to remove blood is simply soak the area in milk over night, the milk removes the blood, then wash as normal." Thanks Mick! And last but not least, my tip for a fresh spot of blood; This sounds icky, but it works, saliva will break down fresh blood stains. When you get a fresh blood stain, spit on it! Wait a few minutes then rinse, pretreat, and launder.

        i saw this on a website .when i read your problem i looked for stains on the internet.



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          Re: Blood Stains

          Many thanks Maria


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            Re: Blood Stains


            You could try a brine/saline solution but I think you'll find that wettiing the fabric will just cause a tide mark and as you can't wash the fabric this will be difficult.

            Having recently bled all over my new carpet, I use 'white wizard', which has worked a treat. Test on an inconspicouous areas first though

   ... e%20wizard

            Good luck, what a pain....


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              Re: Blood Stains

              Dear JoanE.

              Baby wipes.
              Sewing cotton screwed up and soaked in saliva.
              Plain cotton fabric, bits of curtain lining or handkerchief. Soaked in white vinegar then dabbed on stain these methods have helped me in the past . It can be tricky though to remove blood once it has dried though.



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                Re: Blood Stains

                Hi Joan
                Sorry to hear about your dilema, this happened to me once on a pure white fabric just as we had finished the curtains and were ready to bag them up.
                We used the own saliva method as quickly as possible which did get the worst of it out. We were then left with a very pale brown ring mark, we tried baby wipes, and stain devils....
                again this did help a the end we disguised the rest of the mark with baby talcom powder. We used a soft babies hair brush and kind of ground it into the surface of the cloth it worked a treat and the customer never knew. I now keep a container of talc in the workroom, it is excellent for soaking up oil stains from your machine as well.
                I do hope that some of this helps and that you are able to rescue the situation without the expensive of making another curtain.
                Kindest Regards


                Denton Drapes