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Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

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  • Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

    Hello all

    I've got a lampshade to re-cover and am waiting on the fire proofing spray that I've ordered to arrive...

    Should I spray the lining fabric BEFORE I cut it and make up the lining, or wait until it's made and then spray it? The lining's synthetic whilst the outer fabric is 100% silk. I know if I make it up then spray it, I'll possibly, no make that definitely get spray on the outer, as I'm clumsy. Will it mark the silk, do you think?

    My instincts are telling me to wait and spray before make-up but I'm itching to get on and am getting impatient.


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    Re: Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

    Lois - I'd definately try a test piece before doing anything you don't want it to change the colour of the fabric, especially fi you have made it up and then spray it!
    Kindest Regards,


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      Re: Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

      Hmmm. It looks like I'm going to play safe and wait for the spray treatment to arrive, then spray before assembling.

      I feel a nagging phone call coming on as I ordered and paid for it at least a week ago. thanks!


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        Re: Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

        I spray the lining before cutting as it does change the fabric and stiffen it ever so slightly thus making it contract.

        My other big tip would be not to leave pins in it for long (overnight) as the stuff sprayed on does start to react with the pins and leave little rust marks where they have been.

        Where have you managed to source the lining fabric from? I would be interested as I have a couple to make myself.


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          Re: Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

          Spray arrived in today's post, so guess what I'm doing tomorrow!

          The lining was tricky to source. I was told to use tricot and searched high and low without success, so I bought a couple of metres of "White Silky Soft Polyester Lingerie or Underwear Fabric " from, thinking it sounded like what I needed. I actually think it's a bit thick but am going to use it for my trial (as I've never done a lampshade before) so will let you know what it was like.

          I've since been told by someone else of a place in the UK that will supply tricot mail order, so once I've found the message again (on anther forum) I'll put a wee note here (poss later tonight).


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            Re: Fire proofing fabric for lampshades

            Here it is. Apparantly it's changed hands recently but the previous owner was happy to do mail order and kept tricot in stock, so we may be in luck. I think I'll phone them tomorrow so will post again to let you know the result.

            Shop is called Fine Fabrics and its in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
            Phone Number is: 01423 530409.