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  • Tab top curtain advice

    I am about to make my first pair of tab top curtains,after 26 years of curtain making! Could anyone advise the best way to do the heading, ie number of tabs per width and presumably you take the lining up to the top of the curtain and then do you machine along the top? I hate machine stitching showing on the face but I imagine if you don't then the lining may pull up. It's one width per cutain and lined only. Thanks

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    Re: Tab top curtain advice

    Start with around 6/7 tabs per width, about 20cm space between them. I put a fabric facing on the back of my tab curtains - I machine this in place with the lining on the wrong side when I attach the tabs. Then the lining is firmly in place. Turned to the right side you can then slip stitch the bottom edge of the facing to the lining for a neat finish.

    PM me if you would like me to email you instructions for this method.

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      Re: Tab top curtain advice

      If you have not made them before, just be aware of the stack back space that TT curtains take up. All those tabs lined up on the pole usually makes the curtain cut out an awful amount of space. Also make sure that you use some silicone spray on the pole when they are being hung, as they do not glide very easily.