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  • help half drop

    Please help i have a mental block on how to work out half drops. I am working out some wallpaper the wall size is 376cm wide by 238cm drop i know that i need 8 widths. The repeat on the wallpaper is 61cm half drop the length of the wallpaper roll is 10.5metres. The 238cm drop doesnt include any allowance for hanging dont know how much decorators allow for at the top and bottom. My workings out

    238 divided between 61= 3.9 very tight no extras so i think 5x61=305cm
    305cm for 4widths
    this is the bit where i get stuck for the 4 widths which are half drop is it 6x61=366 or 305 +31.5=336.5

    Any way do you think 3 or 4 rolls it is one of the prestigous wallpapers they are not doing returns at the moment so i need to be exact. Dont want to risk 3 incase cant get the same batch number. If anyone can help and show me your workings out i would appreciate it so i know for next time thanks natasha.

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    Re: help half drop

    Natasha no one understands half drops that well.. We just do them Look in the FAQ's

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      Re: help half drop

      Thanks Schubby but i am a perfectionist and feel that i need to understand what i am dealing with. Somebody please help!


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        Re: help half drop

        Now I am hoping I get this right and get a gold star !

        your width is: 376cm w so each roll is 53cm w
        = 376 / 53= 7.09 so round up to 8 drops

        your drop is: 238cm d
        238 / 61cm =3.90 so round up to 4 pattern repeats per drop

        so 4 p.reps x 8 drops + 1 extra repeat ( cos you never know where they cut the roll on the pattern) x 61cm = 20.13m

        Add the half repeats to each drop ( this is where I am hazy but pretty sure!) so half a repeat is 30.5
        30.5 x 8 =2.44m

        20.13 + 2.44 = 22.57m

        there are 10.5 m to a roll so,

        22.57/10.5= 2.14 rolls rounded up to 3 rolls of wallpaper

        Hope that helps and doesnt confuse you too much.

        another way of looking at it is to add the half repeat to the pattern repeat , in this case , 61cm + 30.5cm = a pattern repeat of 91cm


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          Re: help half drop

          Thanks i think that helps. I have the problem of not knowing wheather to add half a pat rep to every other drop or a full pat rep to every other drop if someone could just confirm that would be great. Thanks natasha.


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            Re: help half drop

            In 11 years of making curtains I have never had to deal with a half drop pattern repeat can't believe my luck!
            Kindest Regards


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              Re: help half drop

              Well if you are bordering on being cautious then add a whole repeat. Cant see why you would need to though. Go with our gut instinct its usually right

              Good luck