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radiators under windows

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  • radiators under windows

    I expect many people have a similar problem - wanting full length curtains but not wanting to block the heat from the radiator in front of the window.
    I wondered if anyone had tried making short linings, to rest on the windowsill, with full length curtains in a fairly open weave fabric or a light fabric. The idea being that the heat could pass throught the lighter fabric but will be held from the window by the heavier linings?
    Any comments/ideas very welcome!
    Thank you.

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    Re: radiators under windows

    Hello Marancat

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for using the guest area.. I can see your point and in therory it sound like it should work - However, heat rises so I don't think this is an answer to your needs. I'm assuming from reading your post that you want look and style of full length curtains without losing the benefit of your radiator.

    Without a doubt full length curtains will obstruct the heat output of your radiator - My only suggestion would be to have a two layer treatment and a pelmet above the window.. Full length dress curtains with a pelmet concealing an outside recess roller blind for privacy - Or, a pole with dress curtains, and a recessed roman blind.


    I hope this helps..

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