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    Hi, I am hoping I can get a professional opinion please.
    i had my curtains made by a professional company locally . And they don’t seem to be of a very good standard to me ... they don’t fit the windows correctly, the hems are baggy and the general appearance is shabby.. the curtains cost over 1600 for three smaller pairs and one pair for the french doors..I’ve gone back to the company and their reply was they are their normal standard... unfortunately this site wont allow me to add an attachment..
    Id love to know what you think. . Thanks

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    Mechelle, this is a difficult issue to get resolved if the curtain making company do not want to show some goodwill over. Keep the channels of communication open because at this time of lockdown they may not be currently in a position to do much. Write a letter to that effect : that you're registering with them your complaint and that you need to satisfy yourself that this is indeed the usual quality of commercially made curtains. NOT at this immediate time in lockdown, but I would ask to go to the workroom to view curtains they are currently doing. Ask another curtain makers if you may also visit to see their curtains to compare. You will not be able to persuade another curtain maker to pronounce upon your curtains because that sort of thing just isn't done and gets you nowhere even if a report was written. The problems you outline of course may not be exhibited in curtains that are flat on the workroom table, just when they are hung.
    The company's reputation goes before it, so I would expect they would make some sort of attempts to improve the situation. Have you had someone who is totally independant look at your curtains? As last resort all you can do is to post a 'rubbish' review of the company where it matters. I do not think a court can force a remedial remake of your curtains.