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Help how to pattern match difficult outdoor fabric.

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  • Help how to pattern match difficult outdoor fabric.

    Hi Guys.

    Has anyone got any tips for industrial machine sewing “outdoor” upholstery fabric.

    Am making 6 width wide curtains and needle is slipping sooo badly so ripped and redid five times.

    The pattern repeat is 12cm but as it’s composed of two sharply contrasting colours, by 6cm each horizontal stripes I am out by 6cm along vertical 3 metre length of the curtain.

    Anyone on here use a walking foot?

    I believe 3cm pattern slippage is accepted. But when I stab stitch all matches perfectly on my curtain table but once it hits the machine BAMB it’s out badly so fast. Very frustrating. Have even slowed machine right down to 230 stitches per minute but no luck??

    Thanks in advance if you have any ideas at all.

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    I don't have an industrial but my mac hine does have built-in dual feed which helps a lot with fabrics that want to slip/move/resist each other.

    Could you use narrow double sided tape (the kind sold for card making etc., not the really sticky sort for lampshades) to pattern match the drops on the table and hopefully hold in place while you're sewing? Position it away from the stitch line though so the needle does not pass through it.

    sigpic Simply Sewing