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Calculating fabric quantity....

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  • Calculating fabric quantity....

    I have a client who's considering a check fabric which has a 38cm vertical repeat and 31cm horizontal repeat.

    I've managed to get myself tied up in knots trying to work out the fabric quantity

    Can someone unravel me......horizontal repeat is the usual one that gets repeated down the length of the fabric - isn't it?

    Haven't had to deal with such a big vertical repeat before & am struggling to make sure I have enough widths to properly match the pattern.... you take the flat width...say 210cm x 2.5 fullness = 525cm total flat width
    then 525cm flat width divided by 31cm vertical repeat = 16.93 repeats = 17 repeats
    17 repeats x 31cm repeat = 527cm / 137cm fabric width = 3.84 widths = 4 widths

    Does that make sense????

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    Re: Calculating fabric quantity....

    What is the curtain overall finished drop ?


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      Re: Calculating fabric quantity....

      Oops just noticed a mistake in my first post - told you'd tied myself in knots - to clarify......38cm is the vertical repeat......31cm is the horizontal repeat

      1st question - the horizontal repeat would be the lines that go across the width of the fabric from selvedge to that right?
      so finished length inc turnings for hems = 155cm. Divide that by 31cm horizontal repeat = 5 exactly so cut the drops every 155cm

      2nd question - the vertical repeat is the lines in the check that go down the length of the fabric......right??
      so divide the flat width of the curtain by the vertical width to find out how many repeats across the fabric?

      In this case the flat width inc turnings x fullness comes to 535.5cm. Divide that by 38cm vertical repeat = 14.1 repeats.
      Round up to 15 repeats = 570cm. Divide that by 137cm fabric width = 4.16 widths. Presumably you'd have to round that up to 5 widths or the pattern won't match?


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        Re: Calculating fabric quantity....

        Hi Jane

        you are getting mixed up with your vertical and horizontal measurments. In this case forget the horizontal and just work on the vertical.

        your flat measurment is 210 x 2.5 =525 divide by 137 =3.82 round up to 4 so that would be 4 widths. Then your vertical pattern repeat is 38cm and your curtain length is 155cm so

        155 divided by 38 = 4.078 so round that up to 5

        5 x 38 = 190

        190 x 4 = 760 so 8 mtrs will cover it

        Hope that makes sense

        Regards Irene


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          Re: Calculating fabric quantity....

          Hi Jane,

          read your post late last night, too late to think, but I agree with the curtainmaker.

          Concentrate on the vertical and the horizontal will follow. 4 drops of fabric with 5 PR each is 20pr.
          So 20x 38cms = 760cm so as said 8 mtrs will be enough. Hopefully its good quality fabric so the weave should be fine and the vertical will look OK.

          Good luck.


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            Re: Calculating fabric quantity....

            It was working out which one was the vertical & which was the horizontal that floored me - got it now.
            Thanks everyone