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Other headings for a wave system track?

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  • Other headings for a wave system track?

    A customer I've just been to see has a whole house with ceiling recessed wave tracks ( not SG though), would you believe she doesn't even know they are for wave heading curtains. Hubby put them up, but neglected to tell his wife anything about what he was doing. So I'm emailing her images of the wave curtains. But I wondered has anyone ever put pinch heading onto such a track? There's obviously no benefit to having the glider cord spacing, but I though I'd ask if anyone has been able to create a curtain other than a wave type?

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    Maybe I'm missing something (wouldn't be the first time!) but could you put any heading on it as long as the hook spacings matched the glider spacing on the track????

    I guess if they are ceiling recessed it might be difficult to remove and replace the corded gliders with regular ones if you could get them.......

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