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Windows differing heights.

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  • Windows differing heights.

    I have assumed that the fitting height of several poles/ tracks in a room ought to be the same, but I'm having to make a decision about a small splayed bay window where the recess to ceiling space is greater than the adjacent window. The bay is the major window and being the TV is next to it this window is important to look good. New poles are to be fitted for this and the window a couple of metres away. The difference between the tops of the windows is 11cms. The wall space above the bay is about 40cms.
    I would normally have a curtain at least 10 cms over the top, but I'm thinking I should increase the bay curtain top to be 14cms over the top and decrease the other to 8cms. This would make the bay curtain a finished drop of 220cms and the other a drop of 225cms. What do you think?
    The current poles have been positioned 10cms above both windows with the 4"pinches hanging awkwardly below the top of the windows. I'd like to achieve a better appearance that this, but is it better to have new poles like this but a little higher, or at differing positions in an attempt to 'even' up the poles and curtain heights?