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How do I wash this fabric?

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  • How do I wash this fabric?

    I've been given some fabric to make removable covers for dining chair seats - I'm not entirely sure what it is but I think it might be velveteen (has short nap). The customer wants to be able to wash them so I need to pre-shrink the fabric before making up. I washed a 10cm square at 40 degrees to check what the shrinkage would be. As it turned out there was no discernable shrinkage but the nap has become marked where the fabric was creased in the machine - even though I removed it immediately.

    Can anyone give me advice about how to wash this fabric and also how to remove the crease marks once it has dried. Even if I decide not to wash it first I still need to give him good care instructions so that the covers don't get ruined when washed.


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    Re: How do I wash this fabric?

    Sounds like a tricky one - if you did not source the fabric then I think it is difficult for you to say whether it will wash successfully or not. I would refer the customer back to wherever she got the fabric. After your experience washing a small sample I would not commit to the finished covers being washable, maybe suggest they might be dry cleaned but even that is up to the cleaner in question.

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      Re: How do I wash this fabric?

      Hello Karen,

      I totally agree with Louise - never give guarantees as to the washing/cleaning provenance of fabrics unless you have the suppliers written care instructions and it's a fabric you've sourced and supplied. It is up to them to know how their fabrics will perform, not yours. I would also question the chances of being successful in raising the nap on a velvet-type fabric once it has been washed and dried. Sounds like you might have a lot of crushed velvet on your hands if your client tries to launder your work.


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        Re: How do I wash this fabric?

        Hi karen
        I would recommend that these covers should be dry cleaned in-situ. I never ever recommend washing anything I have produced as you can never predict how a cloth will react.
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          Re: How do I wash this fabric?

          Absolutely, it is not up to you to provide care instructions if you didn't supply the fabric. I don't pre-wash any loose cover fabric that we make up as I think laundering spoils it.
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            Re: How do I wash this fabric?

            Thanks for you advice - a disaster averted, I think!

            The customer is happy to dry clean the covers so that's a problem solved - now i can get cutting!