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Damp on lining

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  • Damp on lining

    Hi everyone

    Made some blackout lined curtains for a customer who had previously cotton satin lining curtains in April. She has rang today explaining about black mold on the blackout lining. She says she's had curtains there since she moved in 10 years ago with no mold growth on. They were cotton linings though not blackout.
    Is this a common problem?
    Is it the blackout properties causing this problem?
    Any help with this matter would be great because I've never been questioned about it before.


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    Re: Damp on lining

    I would say that you start by contacting the supplier of the lining and ask them the question ......
    Good luck!
    Quarndon Curtain Design


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      Re: Damp on lining

      We can get a lot of damp here in Sydney in the colder months - older houses, houses at bottom of hill, lots of trees surrounding adding to dampness/poor drainage and blocking low winter sun all contribute. The blackout also have thermal insulation, so can create more of an air lock (compared to cotton lining) between the curtain and window especially if the window and curtains are kept closed all the time.

      Is this window on the north side of the property? Does you client have condensation on this window in the morning?

      I suspect that it is a combination of the lining and environmental factors, but would also be curious to know what your lining supplier response is.


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        Re: Damp on lining

        I guess blackout (which is coated) is less porous than sateen so changes in moisture/humidity at the glass is more likely to be held there rather than pass through the curtain.

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          Re: Damp on lining

          It could be that the blackout lined curtains are thicker and touching the window whereas the old ones had better air circulation round them.
          Kind regards
          Pen Harrison
          Colly Brook Fine Furnishings